About Lana - ColoradoSpgsPhotography

As a teenager in Russia, I did know a little something about the arts.

I went to museums and saw the works of Rubens, Watteau, Fragonard, and so on. And even though I had a great appreciation for all the art to which I was exposed, I cannot honestly say it "moved" me.

Then, one day, I was at a magnificent eighteenth-century palace filled with paintings. As I was beginning to feel as if I had "seen it all before," one particular image suddenly caught my eyes.

What was different about this one? It was in the same type of gold-colored frames as the rest of the works, but it seemed to be breathing... alive.

Suddenly I realized that it was alive! It wasn't just another painting after all, but an actual framed window overlooking a nature park!

The breathtaking vista before me was created by the greatest "old master" around: Mother Nature. The best part, I knew this particular image would continue to grow and change and evolve, offering something new every time I looked at it.

Unlike those wonderful paintings set in canvas and oil, Nature is constantly creating new and exciting scenes to capture and challenge our imaginations.

I have found that my favorite "art" can be found every time I open my back door, and I have dedicated myself to capturing the wonders of Nature and sharing them to you.