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I met a lady who told me an interesting story about memories and photography. She used to take a picture of her son and her at the same day every year. It was on her son's Birthday. 

Years passed and she has a full story in pictures of how her son was growing. First, they had his favorite toys on a photo; then his favorite sports items for another year, or musical instrument he played in school band, then his graduation robe and cap... Now he comes to his Mother for his family pictures with his wife and children. What a wonderful story you can create for your family! 

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I love to take pictures in natural light, in a park.  Both children and adults feel  more free, less nervous and relaxed there. It makes your pictures more natural. 

For $200 you will have an hour of outdoor photo session, with plenty of pictures taken. You will receive full rights on images. I will burn them on a CD/DVD, or on your flash drive. I will work on up to 10 images of your choice for post-production (improving the portrait by removing blemishes, or temporary skin imperfections, etc). From your CD/DVD you may print as many prints as you want either from my web site, or from any convenient for you place, such as Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, any online printing services; or use them for your web page, or post on social media sites such as Facebook, use on your iPad, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Give me a call to set up an appointment 719-231-1616. Lana